AJB Coaching

Upcoming Races

10/15/2017 Ironman Louisville

Past Races

03/30/2014 Fouls Run 25K 3:05:37 3AG/9OA
04/27/2014 Buzzard Duathlon 1:36:47 2OA
06/01/2014 Twinsburg Duathlon 1:02:54 1AG/5OA
07/27/2014 Challenge New Albany - Olympic 2:53 7AG/16 OA
08/17/2014 Vermillion Triathlon 2:41 2AG/4OA
09/07/2014 Rev3 Cedar Point 5:50 6AG/30OA
09/28/2014 Deer Creek Fall Challenge 5:31 1AG/2OA
11/27/2014 Turkey Burner 22:56 2OA
12/06/2014 A Christmas Story House 10k 44:46 3AG/17OA
04/12/2015 Ironman 70.3 Florida 5:52 18AG/94 OA
05/17/2015 Cleveland Half Marathon 1:46:04
07/12/2015 Musselman 5:41 6th AG
12/12/2015 Bigfoot 10 Miler 2:22
01/02/2016 Resolution Run 5k 23:32 2AG
04/03/2016 Fouls Run 25K 2:52
05/28/2016 Clays Park Multisport Kickoff 1:29 1AG
06/05/2016 Deer Creek 2:47 3AG
07/22/2016 Huntington Sprint Triathlon 1:17:10 1AG/4OA
08/06/2016 Burning River Leg 3 (14.25 miles) 2:31
08/21/2016 IRONMAN 70.3 Ohio 5:38 18AG/80OA
10/01/2016 Ironman Maryland 10:28
03/19/2017 Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico 57
06/18/2017 Maumee Bay 3:09
07/16/2017 Musselman Triathlon 8 AG
07/29/2017 Burning River Relay - 8 person team 2:42
09/02/2017 Leave no trace

Jen Borovica

Cleveland, Ohio | https://www.facebook.com/beingthechange1212

Main FocusTriathlon
BirthdayApril 30, 1975
Bucket List RaceKona (ok, maybe as a spectator!) //Leadville 100
Post-Race DrinkVega Sport Recovery Accelerator/Endurox
Off-Day ActivityRelaxing and visiting with friends and family
Why AJ Baucco Coaching?I can't imagine where I would be without AJB coaching. I was headed straight for the land of injury and burnout before my racing even really started. Since I have been with AJ, I have been making huge gains and training on a body that feels healthy and strong day in and day out. I am learning so much about nutrition, fueling, and zone training. The way I view training has evolved and I now have learned to value the lower intensity and rest and recovery. I feel much more rounded as an athlete. Another really big benefit for me has been AJ helps to keep me focused on working towards my goals. It would be very easy for me to continually train my strengths and go off and do random races or participate in other random types of exercise, but having AJ he keeps me focused on my main goals. He also helps to keep me sane when my stress levels are high. I couldn't ask for a better coach.

I am 38 years old and I feel like my life is just beginning! I am finishing grad school, starting a new career, getting in kick ass shape, and finally becoming the triathlete that I have always dreamed of becoming! I am super passionate about eating plant based and spreading the message to as many people who will listen!!

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