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Upcoming Races

12/02/2018 Challenge Baja
10/14/2018 Guardian Group Sprint, Aruba

Past Races

06/24/2018 California Triathlon Div 5/9; M 251/417
05/20/2018 Morgan Hill Sprint Div 5/16; M 183/335
04/07/2018 Beaver Freezer M35-39 14/30, M 89/210, OA 114/374
03/18/2018 South Bay Duathlon Div 1/1 (lame again), M 35-39 AG 9/12, M 48/56, OA 67/80
10/22/2017 Challenge Aruba M35-39 AG 25/29, M 70/90, OA 86/113
08/13/2017 Tri Santa Cruz Div 1/1 (lame); M 66/107; OA 87/180; AG 8/12
06/25/2017 California Triathlon
Race Recap
Div 2/10; M 66/162; OA 90/319
06/04/2017 Vineman Monte Rio AG 41/55; M 195/282; OA 283/468; Basically DFL
05/21/2017 Morgan Hill Triathlon Div 2/10; M 171/340
03/05/2017 Stanford Treeathlon (non-draft) M 102/145; M<40 21/24
01/08/2017 LifeTime Indoor Triathlon AG 1/8; M 4/25; OA 5/55
10/02/2016 Gateway To Merced Tri
Race Recap
AG 2/5; M 11/48; OA 11/68

Ken Frickle

Escondido, California

Main FocusTriathlon
Bucket List RaceMercury Man
Post-Race DrinkAll Of The Beer
Off-Day ActivityKayaking

I once signed up for a duathlon, it was canceled and so I did the triathlon. Enjoying racing sprints for fun, Olys for a challenge, and finally completed my first half-iron distance at Challenge Aruba 2017. It was a mid-season addition, and really felt like a stretch, but through training with Ryan McCready of AJB Coaching, and sharing the course with close to 20 teammates, it was almost easy to accomplish.

TRS Racing has offered some great motivation to train harder, and great camaraderie at the camps and races that I've attended thus far with other team members. Looking forward to another great year with an even larger team family!

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