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Alex Libin

, United States

Main FocusCoaching, Half distance races and Major League Triathlon
BirthdayAugust 10, 1990
Bucket List RaceNorseman, Celtman....really any of the extreme tris out there
Post-Race DrinkCoke/Sprite or anything cold and bubbly...a finish line ice bath is what I'm really racing for
Off-Day ActivityCatching up on emails, fixing stuff around the house and quality time with the wifey

I've been involved in triathlon since I was in high school, with Xterra racing being my first introduction to the sport. I've always loved adventure, and ripping trails and scrambling over rocks was an enjoyable time for me, plus I got to do a lot of summer road trips with my friends. In college (and after a quick pause to polish my beer pong skill), I began my degree in Human Physiology and eventually pursued triathlon at a professional level. I first focused on ITU draft legal racing and the Olympic points chase, but have since transitioned to longer distances.

My coaching history has grown along with my triathlon career. I’ve worked with everyone from 15 to 67-year old athletes, from world championship qualifiers to first time racers. Ever since I started learning about the human body, I’ve been fascinated by how it works and how to push its limits. You don’t have to be fit or skinny to pursue this sport, you’ve just got to have a passion that you want to channel.

My number one coaching philosophy is communication; stress affects the body more than we realize, so it’s up to the athlete and coach to communicate what’s happening and how to best approach the situation to maximize the athlete’s potential. No one is the same, creating custom training plans to allow you to reach your full potential is a puzzle for me that I love trying to solve!

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