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Demystifying the Science Behind Performance

Do the words VO2 Max, lactate threshold, and neuromuscular adaptations leave you feeling like you’re in a foreign country, trying to speak a new language? That’s quite alright—the exercise research world is an expansive place with too much confusing jargon to keep track of… and many athletes (and coaches) misuse these fancy science words anyway! The goal of this article is to demystify these terms and help you to understand the ones that are important for success in training and racing.

Posted by AJ Baucco on December 13, 2016

Using Power this Off Season

Why would we want to use power to improve our cycling fitness. Unlike other metrics, power is not influenced by any outside factors like wind, temperature, or road gradient. Power is a very valuable tool for knowing exactly how much energy you’re putting into the crank set at any moment. To put it simply, power helps complete the picture.

Posted by Ryan McCready on November 22, 2016

Our New and Improved Swim Program

Every year, AJ Baucco Coaching helps dozens of athletes become better swimmers. That doesn’t happen by accident. We have constantly altered and improved our swim program. Last year, we spent time putting together an instructional video series outlining correct swim mechanics and demonstrating all of the most important swim drills. This year, we have spent nearly 100 hours revamping our entire swim program. The outcome is an entire program dedicated to not only getting athletes ready for their goal races, but also systematically changing and improving their swim stroke.

Posted by AJ Baucco on November 13, 2016

More training is better, right?!

Everyone knows that training leads to better race day performances, but do you know why this happens? It's important to understand exactly what a training program is designed to do and what will give you the best return on your training investment!

Posted by Ryan McCready on April 28, 2016

Posted by Lesley Smith on April 12, 2016

Fueling for Success

When was the last time that you showed up to your goal race for the season without properly training? For most athletes, it doesn’t happen. Athletes decide what race is important to them, and then they diligently prepare for that race. Everyone seems to put a great deal of thought into that one day, but why do so many athletes leave their race day fueling to chance?!

Posted by AJ Baucco on March 23, 2016

2016 Florida Tri Camp VIDEO

Just this past weekend, we had 20 athletes from all over the country join us in sunny Clermont, Florida for 4 days of hard training, informative seminars, and a ton of laughs. Take a sneak peak into our 2016 Florida Tri Camp and see why our training camps are some of the absolute best training camps in the world.

Posted by AJ Baucco on March 10, 2016

Our New Coach / Athlete Blog

We are happy to announce the newest addition to our coaching website, the Coach / Athlete Blog!! As full time coaches, we want to continue to produce as much content for our athletes as possible and this new blog is going to be the perfect way to do such. We plan on posting coaching articles every 1-2 weeks throughout the season. These articles will range from nutrition, to race execution, to gear choices, etc.

Posted by AJ Baucco on March 01, 2016
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