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Our New and Improved Swim Program

Every year, AJ Baucco Coaching helps dozens of athletes become better swimmers. That doesn’t happen by accident. We have constantly altered and improved our swim program. Last year, we spent time putting together an instructional video series outlining correct swim mechanics and demonstrating all of the most important swim drills. This year, we have spent nearly 100 hours revamping our entire swim program. The outcome is an entire program dedicated to not only getting athletes ready for their goal races, but also systematically changing and improving their swim stroke.

Posted by AJ Baucco on November 13, 2016

Leaving Your Comfort Zone: ITU Sarasota

In an effort to continually attack my limiters and leave my comfort zone, I lined up with some of the best ITU guys in the world. It wasn't pretty, but hopefully it was what I needed to do in order to progress. Leaving your comfort zone and accepting an ass whoopin' is certainly one way to improve.

Posted by AJ Baucco on March 13, 2016
Tags: swimming, racing, ITU

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