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08/12/2018 USAT Age Group National Championships (Sprint)
Race Recap
07/22/2018 Cleveland Triathlon Tbd
07/04/2018 Medina Twin Sizzler 70th
05/26/2018 Medina Half Marathon 21st
04/15/2018 USA Sprint Spectacular - 50 Meter
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Lisimba Patilla

Medina, Ohio | https://airpurifiersystems.com

Main FocusTriathlon
Bucket List RaceIronman Canada, Escape from Alcatraz
Post-Race DrinkGatorade, Water, Glenlevit 18
Off-Day ActivityRest, Relax
Why AJ Baucco Coaching?Picked AJB Coaching 2 years after I listened to AJ speak at an open water clinic, the same clinic I secretly almost died of drowning because I nearly drowned as a child and I was hilariously afraid of being horizontal in any water deeper than 4.5 feet. As a NCAA D2 scholarship student athlete, I started two years as a defensive back, chased pro football, then settled down, married and had two beautiful children. I started Air Purifier Systems in 2019 selling air purifier bags, then moved to air purifier systems to help bring insights to families about the harmful airborne particles that make us sick. I started training for triathlons in 2015 and AJ was the only company I considered because of his attention to details. Chris Lee was my coach snd helped me prepare for the Sprint Age Group Nationals in Cleveland in 2018. I’ll be working with Nathan Killam, Pro Triathlete which is the title I will earn with his insights and guidance.

Family Man, Devoted Husband - Competitor, Owner of Air Purifier Systems

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