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08/12/2018 USAT Age Group National Championships (Sprint)
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07/22/2018 Cleveland Triathlon Tbd
07/04/2018 Medina Twin Sizzler 70th
05/26/2018 Medina Half Marathon 21st
04/15/2018 USA Sprint Spectacular - 50 Meter
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Lisimba Patilla

Medina, Ohio | https://plus.google.com/+lisimbapatilla

Main FocusSprint Triathlons
Bucket List RaceIronman Canada, Escape from Alcatraz
Post-Race DrinkGatorade, Water
Off-Day ActivityRest, Relax
Why AJ Baucco Coaching?Picked AJB Coaching 2 years after I listened to AJ speak at an open water clinic, the same clinic I secretly almost died of drowning because I nearly drowned as a child and I was hilariously afraid of being horizontal in any water deeper than 4.5 feet. As a NCAA D2 scholarship student athlete, I started two years as a defensive back, chased pro football, then settled down, married and had two beautiful children. I am an Area Sales Manager for Dorman Products where I am one of the top managers in the company and being groomed for promotion because of my work ethic, attention to detail and sales closing skills. I started training for triathlons two years ago and AJ was the only company I considered because of his attention to details. Chris Lee is my 1st and last Triathlon coach as I prepare for the Sprint Age Group Nationals in Cleveland. In closing, Taking on Challenges, Persevering and Besting Adversity with Great Results are the hallmarks of my life - I look forward to competing at every aspect of every race I participate in, in 2018 and Just Win Baby!

Family Man, Devoted Husband - Competitor, Business Man and Motivational Speaker

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