AJ Baucco Coaching

George Pecchio

Hershey, Pennsylvania

Main FocusOther
Bucket List RaceSavageman 1/2 IM
Post-Race DrinkCoke & mozzarella sticks
Off-Day ActivityGoing to parks with my family and dog, getting ice cream, reading/poetry.
Why AJ Baucco Coaching?I found Tim on FB selling biking gear. I struck up a conversation with him, checked his profile and saw he was a coach. After a series of correspondences, I decided this was worth a try as I was impressed by his professionalism, demeanor, and attention to detail.

I try to be a good person, father, and husband. My career is in learning technology at a high school, but prior to that I was an English teacher for 17 years. I have always liked to run but never really got into it consistently until I was about 30. I always "brag" that I am a completer not a competer, and that's mainly because I'm not good enough to compete with others, but I'm always competing with myself. My best results--not impressive for most people and that's okay with me. My proudest moment was in my first triathlon. I hate swimming and couldn't even doggie paddle before the tri. 50 yards out, I panicked and started hyperventilating. I saw the kayaks and thought about holding on, I thought about going back. I said to myself "see you cannot do this--you knew it -- you would never be able to swim." Then I was filled with anger and decided, sink or swim (literally) I would continue on. I backward/sidestroke/grappled my way to finish the 500 yard swim in 28:00 (yes you read that correctly). I probably swam a 1000 yards because I was all over the place. But I did it and completed the tri. Two years later I finished the same swim in under 10 minutes. Fast? No. But for me--a huge accomplishment I stand by when I fear new things or challenges. I do not quit--I do not stop--I do not ever give up.

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