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10/28/2018 Marine Corps Marathon
10/20/2018 Urban Bourbon
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08/26/2018 IRONMAN 70.3 Maine 58th AG
06/23/2018 Beach Bum #1 8th in 40-59 AG
06/09/2018 AAA Car Care North Carolina Triathlon Series: Tri Latta Sprint 6 AG
06/03/2018 Escape From Alcatraz 41 AG
05/20/2018 IRONMAN 70.3 Chattanooga 86th AG
05/06/2018 Buck Hurley Sprint 3 AG
05/05/2018 Lake Norman State Park Tri 4 AG
04/08/2018 Cape Fear 16
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2 AG, 9 Female
01/28/2018 Big Beach
Race Recap
19 AG
01/27/2018 Mississppi Blues
Race Recap
35 AG
01/20/2018 Do it in the Dirt
Race Recap
13 AG

Cami Winarchick

Charlotte, North Carolina

Main Focustriathlons, 13.1
Bucket List RaceIM Whistler (again) or France
Post-Race Drinkwater, coke, champagne/proseco

Late Bloomer. Swam summer league as a kid. Stayed active but didn't participate in organized sports (Master's swimming) until my early 30's. Qualified for nationals in 200 LCM breaststroke. Went to law school in my late 30's. Ran my 1st 13.1 for my 40th BDay. Started triathlons a few years later. I have completed 2 140.6's; planning another in 2019. I enjoy the social aspects of training and competing, as much as the
accomplishment after a race well done. I'm not a win at any cost athlete. I have stopped, walked with, and encourages athletes in distress, slowed and encouraged an athlete up a huge hill (she went on to finish 20 yds in front of me and take 1st pl). She felt bad, I didn't. I could have raced her the last 50 yards, not knowing she was in my AG, but I was happy with my pace and felt good about my race. Don't get me wrong, I love a good challenge and leaving it all on the course, but that isn't my goal for every event. Over the past 2 years, I have battled Achilles and hip/back issues and a dog bite injury. I'm currently caring for my special needs dog; he's in the end stages of brain cancer. My injuries are healing, and I'll be able to return to a full training schedule in a few months. I started using Infinit a few months ago and can't believe how my performance has improved with proper fuel (absolutely no issues at IMLou, or after). I can't wait to see how I perform with proper training, rest, fuel, and nutrition.

As for any integrity issues, I'm a former prosecutor and currently teach legal topics to police officers. Planning to return to prosecuting when I can return to work full-time. I have to maintain a clear criminal history (not even a speeding ticket) and am held to a high standard. I get frustrated when I see athletes deliberately breaking rule to gain an advantage; I shake my head and wonder how they can live with all the pressure of having to win so badly that they are willing to compromise their integrity in the process.

As far as promoting Infinit products, one of your employees has first hand knowledge of my skills. I recently attended the Fall Cyclofest at the USNWC, in Charlotte. After spending some time at the Infinit tent, I was stopped by a rep at a neighboring tent (can't remember the sponsor). The rep saw my enthusiastic approach to the Infint booth and wanted my thoughts on the product. I ensured him I was not paid by Infinit and gave him my honest thoughts - great vegan fuels, no issues during 13+ hours at IMLou... You're employee was listening to the conversation and, if he remembers, he can attest to my ability to promote Infinit products. I appreciate the requirement to buy into the Team program. I want to represent brands/products I believe in and that work for me. I don't trust pro endorsements - its easy to promote a product when you get a free endless supply of the product or get paid for promoting it. I want to be able to say, as I did at cyclofest, I don't get paid to promote Infinit, I'm telling you about it because I use it by choice and I believe in it. As a former prosecutor and instructor, my skill set includes talking to people, presenting information, explaining matters in an easy to understand format... skills very useful in promoting Infinit.

Infinit will (hopefully) be my first Team/brand opportunity. Accordingly, my social media accounts have a lot of room for improvement in promoting my various athletic and Team activities. In addition, I will refrain from posting about or commenting on highly controversial topics. Except supporting our military, veterans, and first responders. They all do so much for so little, I can't not support them.

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