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Past Races

05/05/2019 Frederick Half Marathon
04/29/2019 Around the Mount 3rd OA
03/23/2019 HAT 50K 112/500
11/10/2018 Annapolis Classic - Half Marathon 56/1,056 OA
10/20/2018 Baltimore Marathon 1:38:00
09/30/2018 Baltimore Triathlon 1st AG / 6th OA
09/23/2018 IRONMAN 70.3 Atlantic City 5:21
09/01/2018 Charles Street 12 1:30:41
08/26/2018 North East Triathlon Festival 1st AG / 10th OA
07/07/2018 Diamond in the Rough 2nd AG / 16th OA
06/07/2018 Baltimore Corporate Challenge 5K 10th OA
06/03/2018 Rock Hall Sprint 3rd AG / 25th OA
06/02/2018 Rock Hall International 4th AG / 42 OA
05/20/2018 Bear Triathlon 2nd AG / 9th OA
05/06/2018 Frederick Half Marathon 27/258 AG, 161/3,706
04/28/2018 Mount St. Mary's Triathlon 1st OA
03/11/2018 Under Armour Shamrock 5K 81/4,609 OA
12/20/2017 Faster Bastards Holiday 5k 20:09
12/02/2017 Race 13.1 Baltimore 4th/62 AG 39th/1,029 OA
11/23/2017 Towson Turkey Trot 7th AG , 36th/2,340 OA
10/21/2017 Baltimore Half Marathon 47/499 AG , 388 / 8,073 OA
10/08/2017 Baltimore Triathlon Festival 2nd AG/ 11th OA
09/16/2017 Dewey Beach Triathlon 2/43 AG , 12/502
08/27/2017 North East Triathlon 2nd AG/ 16th OA
07/16/2017 MD Olympic Duathlon 2nd AG / 18th OA
07/12/2017 Outer Banks 5k 1st AG - 10th/282 OA
07/09/2017 Rev3 Williamsburg 5:26
06/03/2017 Rock Hall Triathlon Festival 19/53 AG - 124/506 OA
05/21/2017 Columbia Triathlon 10/38 AG
05/07/2017 Frederick Half Marathon 22/256 AG and 215/3,829 OA
04/29/2017 Around the Mount Triathlon 1st AG/ 8th OA
03/18/2017 Great Clermont Triathlon 2nd AG- 22nd OA
11/24/2016 Towson YMCA Turkey Trot 21:24
10/01/2016 Donate Life 5K 20:57 5th AG - 15th/1,452
09/10/2016 Diamondman 70.3 5:17 - 10th OA 2nd AG
08/28/2016 North EastTriathlon 1:19:13 2nd AG
07/09/2016 Diamond in the Rough Triathlon 52:39 - 1st AG , 13th OA
06/12/2016 Ironman 70.3 Eagleman 5:43
06/05/2016 Rock Hall Triathlon 1:21:00 6/35 AG 35/501 OA
04/30/2016 Around the Mount Triathlon
Race Recap
1:10:31 - 1st OA /300
04/02/2016 Oldfields Half Marathon 1:44:13 - 10th AG
03/13/2016 Under Armour Shamrock 5k
Race Recap
20:58 - 115/4,560
11/26/2015 YMCA Towson Turkey Trot 21:12 - 64/2512
10/25/2015 Race for the Cure 21:34 - 3rd AG, 21/950
09/27/2015 Ironman 70.3 Augusta 5:36
08/23/2015 North East Triathlon 1:23:35 2nd AG
10/14/2014 Baltimore Triathlon 2nd AG , 5th OA
09/26/2014 Around the Mount Triathlon 1st AG , 3rd OA
07/20/2014 Stone Harbor Triathlon 3rd AG

Matt Kucharski

Timonium, Maryland

Main FocusTriathlon
Bucket List RaceKona, Wildflower, IM Ireland
Post-Race Drinka cold can of coke, chocolate milk, cold beer---typically in that order
Off-Day ActivitySpend time with my family, watch sports, catch up on projects around the house

I did my first triathlon back in 2010, and instantly fell in love with the sport and the community all around it. After a series of weightlifting injuries forced me to look for a new outlet, I knew I had found something special with Triathlon.
After a few years of racing, I met AJ and decided to hire him as a coach.
I saw firsthand what AJ and the coaching principles at AJB Coaching could provide for an athlete.
Over the next few years under AJ, I set PRs across all distances, racked up 20+ podium finishes, as well as multiple Over All race wins.
On top of the results on the race course, I was like a sponge, learning all that I could from AJ. Training plans, fueling and nutrition, race tactics, etc.....
As a coach myself now, I feel like I can extend all that I have learned from AJ, and carry that forward to my athletes.
I know what it is like to have a family, kids, a full-time job, and still have goals that are important to you in this sport.
I love seeing people achieve their goals, and fall in love with the sport the way that I have over the years.

Bachelors of Science - Kinesiology
Towson University

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