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Beginner Training Groups - Sprint/Olympic

Our Beginner Training Groups for the Sprint and Olympic distance are for athletes with less than 2 years of triathlon experience. Each group will work together toward the same goal race. These group training programs are 24 weeks long, but athletes may join the group at any time. Each group is led by one of our amazing certified coaches.

These programs involve a fair amount of in-person group training, as well as educational clinics. Therefore, the programs are based around the following cities: Cleveland, Baltimore/Columbia, Tallahassee and Asheville, NC. If you are a newer triathlete looking for our guidance, but you don't live near these cities, check out our Full Service Triathlon Coaching.

Program start dates, and goal races, will be announced closer to 2019. If you are interested in any of our Beginner Training Groups, download and complete the Initial Athlete Questionnaire (Beginner) and email it to ajbcoaching@gmail.com.

What's Included in our Beginner Training Groups

We will get to know each new athlete through an initial athlete questionnaire, email exchanges, and an initial phone conversation.

Group Training Plan
We will provide each athlete with a daily workout plan that is administered through Training Peaks. Each athlete in the group will have a similar program, so training together will be encouraged.

Coached Workouts & Educational Clinics
We will organize the group for a coached workout / educational clinic every other week for the entire 24 weeks. Working in-person with our coaches will allow each athlete to develop at a much quicker rate.

In-Person Coaching on Race Day
Our coaches will be at each goal race ready and willing to assist our beginner athletes. Have last minute questions? Looking for moral support and a few cheers? Our coaches will be there for our beginner athletes when it is needed the most, on race day!

Introduction to Heart Rate Training
We provide each athlete with specific instructions on how to set and monitor their own heart rate zones. We will also provide alternative pacing instructions, so everyone feels comfortable completing the workouts properly.

Instructional Videos & Training Documents
We give each athlete access to our library of training / racing / nutrition documents and also a variety of instructional videos covering swim drills / technique, run mechanics, strength movements, and more.

"Beginner Only" Forum for Questions
Each athlete will receive access to our "Beginner Only" private Facebook group for discussions / Q & A with the AJBC coaching staff. This is the perfect place to ask questions without any judgement!

Discounts from Triathlon Companies
Each athlete will receive discounts to a long list of triathlon specific companies. These discounts range from 15% to 60% and cover just about everything you may need to complete your triathlon.

Website Access & Online Billing
All athletes are given a profile on ajbcoaching.com where they can share pictures, race schedules and results. Each athlete will have the option to pay a discounted rate at the beginning of the 24-week program or utilize our automatic billing system and chose to pay every 4 weeks.

What do our Beginner Training Groups Cost?

Start Up Fee: Waived

We realize that committing to triathlon can be overwhelming. Therefore, none of our beginner clients are required to pay a start up fee. Beginner clients who choose recurring payments may leave the program at any time. We just ask for 30-day notice.

Cleveland, Baltimore/Columbia and Tallahassee
$99 every 4 weeks or a one-time payment of $525

$90 every 4 weeks or a one-time payment of $475

Notice: There is a 3% surcharge associated with online billing that is added to all transactions.

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