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8 ways to have an AWESOME 2018 Season!

January 01, 2018 - To ring in the new year, we are going to cover 8 tips to have a fun, motivated, and EPIC triathlon season! Get excited and stay excited! Lets crush it in 2018!!

 1.      Pick a couple of fun races or events to kick off your season!

      Non triathlon events in mid winter are great ways to pick up some fitness and even fix some of those imbalances. Plus there are no expectations so just have fun with it! Skimo or XC skiing are some awesome ways to have fun while still working your butt off and getting fit! Rock climbing is another awesomely fun way to build some serious strength, mobility, and balance! This stuff keeps the early season light and gets you fit!


2.      Develop a race schedule!

Plan out the races you want to do this year! Looking up races and planning them out is exciting! Not only do you get excited and have a set date for things, it helps give your training purpose! Even just a 5k or 10k in the early season is a great way to help focus on training. Always good to work on your weakness early on. Do a bike race! Or a run race! Or…masters swim meet! Most of us never have experience in a pure swim race! The best way to plan out your race schedule is to work on it together with your coach!


3.      Commit to a weekly group workout!

Committing to a weekly group workout is HUGE! A masters swim or weekend run group makes training fun and keeps you accountable! You build relationships with the people you train with. All of a sudden that Sunday long run doesn’t feel so dreadful and you are actually looking forward to it! You will also get called out for missing a week! It creates a community that helps keep you going!



4.      Go to a training camp!

Training camps are AWESOME! I can say from experience that nothing gets you fitter than a 1 week training camp or an extended weekend training camp. Not only do you get to hammer some training with a bunch of other people at an awesome location, you get extremely exclusive knowledge and coaching IN PERSON from the experts! As coaches we can see what you are doing and immediately give you feedback! THIS IS HUGE! The camaraderie built during camps are something special as well. I have been through many training camps in both Triathlon and Swimming as well as run these camps as a coach. I can firmly say going to camp is a GAME CHANGER for your season. I have never been fitter than when I go to a training camp. I have also seen my own athletes who do not go to camp (swimming) at a HUGE disadvantage.


5.      Switch it up! Trail / mountain bike:

On your easy days or maybe some of your longer days, don’t be afraid to switch it up! Hitting the trails for a run or a mountain bike every now and then is a huge mental break and keeps it fun while bringing you to some AWESOME VIEWS. It also helps with agility and bike handling! Gotta be nimble to navigate some of those trails! Sometimes a long run in the trails feels like 30 minutes went by when it was really 2 hours! We cant always stare at a trainer or a treadmill so switch it up with you can!



6.      Find a Rival!

Having a rival in the pool or at the group run / ride is one of the biggest motivators you can have! Knowing that if you don’t show up to the session, your rival is going to get fitter and faster than you motivates you to show up! Sometimes we need that extra push in training! Having a rival is the best way to keep pushing the envelope a bit more! He or she usually is happy to duke it out with you on a daily basis! Although be careful not to do the easy days with someone too competitive! It can easily turn your recovery workouts into a threshold set! When it is time to go hard, then let it rip! Race it out! A rival is a great way to switch up training. I have a buddy who is always forcing me to go on crazy and sometimes even dangerous bike routes! However, going on these rides has made be a much better cyclist!


7.      Plan a fun race for the end of the season to end on!

I think it is a great idea to plan a fun end of season race after your big “A” race! Do that spartan race or crazy race that your crazy friend has been trying to talk you into. Go do something EPIC that will shift your focus from thinking about how your season ended to how much fun you are having! This also takes the misery out of the last race of the year and while you are suffering during you’re “A” race you have something to look forward to! It helps prevent the Off-season blues when you end a season so abruptly.



8.      Buy some new gear!

Lets be honest. Rocking new gear is fun. Showing off your new kit or shoes or ceramic components is fun! It also helps motivate us to train! Having new stuff is exciting! It makes you want to run ride or swim just that much more! There is nothing wrong with indulging in your sport a bit! Granted Im not telling you to spend your life savings on gear, but a new garmin or maybe even just new socks gets people excited! Remember that staying excited is an important part of our sport!


       About the Author:

-Christopher J Lee

Triathlon Coach

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Corrective Exercise Specialist

Functional Movement Systems lvl 1

Stages Cycling Certified

Fomer Head Coach: Swimming University of Colorado Boulder


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