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WOW those California guys are fast

March 24, 2018 - Good fun race. Love the venue and it isn't bad that while you are suffering during the race you can look over and see the ocean waves crashing to shore.

 Well disappointed in my results, 15 out of 16 in my age group is never what I expect going into a race. While my total time was nowhere near my fastest, it was my fastest on an mph basis according to my Garmin recap. My nutrition was spot on, never got hungry during the race and energy levels were goog through out. Might have gone a little overboard on the caffeine as my heart rate on the bike got up to 190 or so, way above my threshold. Time for a new test to set new ranges. That kind of set me back during the race as I had to dial back my effort to get my heart down and from then on I felt like I was just doing and not racing, AND that my friends is not in my DNA. Well lessons learned and driving cross country to do a race is an experience.

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