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Two Blown Sidewalls on the RR crosssing

July 16, 2018 - Day didn't go totally as planned, fastest out of the pool for my AG that was planned, two blown tires a couple miles into the bike, not planned, day over.

 So much preperation and then so much disappointment. Today's sprint tri ended before it really got started. Luckily it was my home town race, The Mayor's Tri, and the start line is less than 3 miles from the house. After a really good controlled swim in a washing machine of a pool, and a great mental start to the bike, controlling my output for the greater good of a better run (or so was the plan) I hit the first RR track crossing and promptly blew the sidewalls out of both tires. After a repair to both using a discarded business card to keep the tube in the tire, the rear tire just wouldn't hold. A second repair would have been fruitless. So the good part, went home, got the dogs, went back to the race and rooted in all my friends. The dogs enjoyed the pizza scraps. Sometimes you have to dig deep to find the positives in what could have been a crappy day. Onward, upward and to the fridge for a cold one!

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