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Hemp Heart Power Salad Recipe

Posted by: Angie Dye
April 22, 2019
Category: Lunch
Tags: Vegetarian,Gluten Free

Spring is here and fresh and lighter lunches are starting to be really appealing. I keep ingredients on hand for salads that I can assemble faster than a sandwich. Triple washed greens, pre-cooked beets, peppery radishes and colorful peppers are some of my favorite spring veggies. Both spinach and beets are fantastic foods for athletes because they are both high in nitrates, which are converted to nitric oxide in our bodies and help with blood flow and blood pressure, optimizing stamina in our workouts. Another secret ingredient in this salad is hemp hearts, which provide plant-based omega-3 fats, fiber and protein, along with a delicious nutty taste.


-2 cups of triple washed greens
-4-5 small radishes, sliced
-2 or 3 small cooked beets, such as Love Beets
-1/2 of a colorful bell pepper, sliced
-1/4 cup of hummus
-2 tablespoons hemp hearts
-1 oz of goat cheese (optional, but delicious)
-1 or 2 Tablespoons of your favorite salad dressing (I like Greek or vinaigrette for this)


Start with greens of choice as the base of your salad. Top with radishes, beets and peppers, or whatever veggies you prefer. Add a few dollops of hummus, crumble the goat cheese and sprinkle the hemp hearts. Finish with a drizzle of your favorite salad dressing. If you have an afternoon workout following this meal, you can add extra carbohydrate with chickpeas or another legume. If you need more protein than what is provided here (about 20 grams), you can always top with chicken, fish, steak or tofu. Enjoy!

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