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Rainbow Salmon Plate Recipe

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Tags: Gluten Free,Dairy Free

Sometimes we become so consumed with the newest fad diet or what we need to eat to perform faster that we forget the basics. This rainbow salmon plate will surely bring you back to simple, tasty food. With this recipe, I did my best to buy local produce so paired with my salmon is the beautiful locally grown Okinawa sweet potato, big island baby cucumbers, and locally grown cherry tomatoes. A locally sourced and colorful balanced plate. Sometimes the best way to come up with a meal is to add color and ensure you have a carb, fat, and protein source on your plate. Simple is easy and tasty too! This is one of my personal favorite lunches, I love cold salmon.


- Cucumber
- Tomatoes
- Seasoned Salmon
- 3-4 Purple Sweet Potato
- 1 can of full-fat coconut milk
- Small piece of fresh ginger (grated to taste, I used 1 tbsp)
- Dash of salt
- Dash of pepper
- Coconut flakes (optional)


Ginger-Coconut mashed Okinawa potatoes
1. Peel and boil potatoes for 45 min.
2. Drain water and mash sweet potatoes with coconut milk until desired consistency.
3. Add salt, pepper, ginger and coconut flakes to taste. You can also sprinkle in sugar for a sweeter mix.
4. Refrigerate.

1. Buy fresh salmon flank from the local grocery store, season yourself or ask the butcher too! Sprouts will do this for free!
2. Pre-heat oven to 425F and bake salmon for 12-15 min on foiled cookie sheet.

1. Pick your favorite vegetables, try to support local and in season! :)
2. Wash your produce.
3. Cut and serve with your meal.

Together these recipes are great to meal prep for a couple of days worth of lunches.

Recipe submitted by Katie Seaton, Carpe Diem Nutrition Intern

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