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5-minute Plant Powered Salad

Tags: Vegetarian,Gluten Free

Check out this quick, easy, nutrient-packed salad. Even with chopping the veggies, this delicious salad only took us 5 minutes to prepare. This plant-based power house salad is packed with polyphenols, which may help with training-induced inflammation. It is also a great source of vitamins A, C & K, as well as the mineral potassium. It is a perfect quick lunch or dinner to support your training and recovery.

Americanized Burmese Mason Jar Salad

Tags: Gluten Free,Dairy Free

Mason jar salads are great for on-the-go meals. Once you are ready to eat, shake it up and enjoy. The base of this salad is cabbage, which is rich in phytonutrient antioxidants including Vitamin C and K, as well as a good source of b-vitamins. We hope you enjoy this light and refreshing salad with a delicious crunch.

Caprese Salad

Tags: Vegetarian,Gluten Free

This recipe is simple, easy, and delicious. It's a perfect addition to any Italian dish. If you're able to score some fresh basil and/or homegrown tomatoes from a garden, this recipe will be even better. To make the recipe a little more sweet, add honey to your balsamic vinegar.

Grilled Peach & Blueberry Arugula Salad

Tags: Vegetarian,Gluten Free

Are you looking for the perfect summer salad? This recipe is great for those warmer months. It has a ton of flavor and is an ideal way to get those extra servings of fruit and vegetables.