AJ Baucco Coaching

Why Choose AJ Baucco Coaching?

Brian Wilson

I've been in the sport for almost 10 years and have been self-coached the entire time, relying on magazine articles in Triathlete and Runner's World and general feel. This has helped me compete reasonably well in the shorter races. Completing an ironman effectively requires a whole new level of planning, commitment, nutrition strategy etc to stay injury free and have a great experience. AJ came recommended by several of the top triathletes in the Cleveland area for this type of expertise. Additionally, it is very rare for an active top pro triathlete to spend time training and counselling age group racers. The training plan is well structured, the workouts are interesting, and the nutrition plans are very thorough and detailed (I never thought I'd be able to give up coffee but I have). AJ is also extremely responsive. I've enjoyed working with him again in 2015 as he helped me become an ironman in 2014.

- Brian Wilson

Patrick McNicholas

Looking for consistency and reliability

- Patrick McNicholas

Melissa Spaid-Decker

Tim Delss has been highly recommended by fellow athletes I train with and is always friendly and helpful.

- Melissa Spaid-Decker

Christy Weikert

Because anything worth doing is worth doing right. I work best when I have a plan, so I need a man with a plan to help me do the things I want to do!

- Christy Weikert

Michael Smyth

First off I've received many good testimonials from Cleveland Triathlon Club (CTC) members re: working with AJBC. Second as a sponsor of CTC, it makes sense to me to work with AJBC and begin the process of "knowing" triathlon training and racing v hoping which is what I've been doing in part since starting in the sport in 2011. Lastly I have benefited greatly from other coaching relationships in my life and enjoy the learning I get from a coaching structured relationship.

- Michael Smyth

Debbie Ferranti

Guidance to reach my Goals. Find out my real capabilities, VO2Max, Lactic Acid Threshold, and how to increase miles and speed safely.

- Debbie Ferranti

Brad Boggs

I love working with AJ to get the best out of myself!

- Brad Boggs

William Hook

Speaking with friends, the coaching staff cares!!! They want to see you succeed!!! I like the closeness and family like relationships that I have seen. I will update as I experience my journey!!!

- William Hook