AJ Baucco Coaching

Why Choose AJ Baucco Coaching?

Evan Price

I like to surround myself with people who are passionate about this sport and like to have fun outside of training. Also, I met Chris Lee years ago at olympic nationals and knew I'd want to work with that guy one day. This coaching staff is an awesome group of people.

- Evan Price

Mark Volpe

I’ve had the experience of racing with fellow AJB Coaching athlete, JD Thalman, & coach, Ryan McCready. Experiencing the high level these men race at, I knew I had to acquire their source. Finding out first hand the attention AJB Coaching provides their athletes and the amount of success they achieve is hands down the best. Being coached by professionals at AJB Coaching, will provide insight on a sport I love, but know little about (beside swim, bike, and run like Crowie). I look forward to a successful year, learning and growing with all the other athletes at AJB Coaching.

- Mark Volpe

Jason Blevins

Met AJ at the 2013 Ironman Texas, where I was volunteering. Didn't really know what I was getting into by signing up for 2014, and felt like AJ was a good fit with my personality. Have really been impressed with his personalized focus on the challenges I face. AJ is basically taking on the task of getting me from zero to Ironman in less than a year. Best of luck to him.

- Jason Blevins

Nathan Killam

Over a decade of dedicated training and racing, I’ve been fortunate to gain a breadth of knowledge spanning the journey from endurance newbie to professional podiums. With the knowledge I’ve accrued through the years and the technical support of the AJ Baucco Coaching Group, I look forward to coaching athletes to achieve their triathlon goals.

- Nathan Killam

Nick Weber

I met Ryan at the Team RWB Tri Camp in Austin and worked with him a bit through Tri Camp follow ups. Once I made the decision to register for a 70.3 I knew I needed a coach and working with Ryan was the obvious choice.

- Nick Weber

Brad Boggs

I love working with AJ to get the best out of myself!

- Brad Boggs

Marty Traky

I've seen too much improvement over the last few years and want it to continue. Plus having the encouragement and guidance to push myself is something is extremely beneficial.

- Marty Traky

Chris Clymer

Been doing tri's about 3 years now, generally just surviving each race and moving up in distance. Caught up to me in Chatt, ready for a little more discipline and planning. AJ and Rob both seem to get where I'm coming from goal-wise.

- Chris Clymer