AJ Baucco Coaching

Why Choose AJ Baucco Coaching?

Paul Wills

AJB coaching for his great group of coaches, athletes, and experience. I really need a structured workout and guidance. I have spent to much time winging workouts with no structure! AJB will solve this and create less race day fails I have experienced lately!

- Paul Wills

Jeff Uzl

September 10, 2012 I hit enter on my computer confirming my entry into Ironman, WI. Now what? Fortunately, I crossed paths with professional triathlete A.J. Baucco. He put together a training plan that helped me cross the finish line at some big races in 2013 that included American Triple T, Double Musselman Triathlon, and Ironman Wisconsin. A.J.'s plan addressed my training needs while balancing work and family requirements. His prerace and race day plans put you at the starting line with confidence that you will be performing at a high level and attaining your race day goals.

- Jeff Uzl

Marty Traky

I've seen too much improvement over the last few years and want it to continue. Plus having the encouragement and guidance to push myself is something is extremely beneficial.

- Marty Traky

Ken Hagan

After 15+ seasons in multisport, I am still looking for ways to improve my performance. I have had two other coaches in the past, and AJ is truly a student of the sport and a fantastic coach! I have already experienced big gains in performance and overall well-being! The plans and feedback from AJ are second to none!

- Ken Hagan

Melissa Spaid Decker

Tim Delss has been highly recommended by fellow athletes I train with and is always friendly and helpful.

- Melissa Spaid Decker

Sarah Keesler

I really needed some training structure and accountability to keep me moving on the right track! AJ has been great in working with my specific training needs and I really like his training plans!

- Sarah Keesler

Elizabeth Remillong

I love working with Lesley! I enjoy the structure of having my workouts laid out for me and she is great with giving feedback.

- Elizabeth Remillong

Jason Blevins

Met AJ at the 2013 Ironman Texas, where I was volunteering. Didn't really know what I was getting into by signing up for 2014, and felt like AJ was a good fit with my personality. Have really been impressed with his personalized focus on the challenges I face. AJ is basically taking on the task of getting me from zero to Ironman in less than a year. Best of luck to him.

- Jason Blevins