AJ Baucco Coaching

Why Choose AJ Baucco Coaching?

Matthew Mix

I heard good things from fellow MMTC members.

- Matthew Mix

Hunter Robinson

AJ Is the 3rd coach I have had. The previous two were successful coaches that had done wonders for others. But they did nothing for me. To them, I felt like just another check in the bank. With AJ, I can text him anytime day or night with a question. Today alone, he spent the entire day texting me about nutrition. If work gets insane, as it often does, he works with me to figure out how to squeeze the most and best training out of what I have to work with. And when I start to slack, I can count on AJ to give me the kick in the pants to get me rolling again. One of AJ's key to triathlon success is consistency, and that is one thing you get from his coaching. Day in and day out, he is there providing the coaching, advice, and push you need to get you 10 steps past the goal that you had set.

- Hunter Robinson

Ryan McCready

AJ is a student of the sport and knows the coach-athlete relationship from both sides.

- Ryan McCready

Dan Ostrowski

I went to the triathlon camp and enjoyed the other athletes and coaches and decided to commit. Great group of people! I look forward to getting better!

- Dan Ostrowski

Stephanie Liles-Weyant

I started out as a Baucco Squad member and I got to see firsthand what great coaches AJB Coaching had at the Florida Tri Camp. I knew that I wanted to be coached by A.J. Baucco. It's been a great experience and A.J. has help me succeed in all my races, including helping me qualify for World Championship 70.3. And as a coach myself, I wanted to join this great group of AJB Coaching. If you want to meet your goals, I'd recommend being coached by myself or one of the wonderful coaches we have at AJB Coaching!

- Stephanie Liles-Weyant

Melissa Spaid Decker

Tim Delss has been highly recommended by fellow athletes I train with and is always friendly and helpful.

- Melissa Spaid Decker

Krystol Chang

It was time to get serious about my goals. I noticed the success his athletes were having and I wanted the same. I also wanted the opportunity to learn more. Ryan was exactly what I was looking for in a Coach and I am so excited to see what happens in this journey!

- Krystol Chang

Lisimba Patilla

Picked AJB Coaching 2 years after I listened to AJ speak at an open water clinic, the same clinic I secretly almost died of drowning because I nearly drowned as a child and I was hilariously afraid of being horizontal in any water deeper than 4.5 feet. As a NCAA D2 scholarship student athlete, I started two years as a defensive back, chased pro football, then settled down, married and had two beautiful children. I am an Area Sales Manager for Dorman Products where I am one of the top managers in the company and being groomed for promotion because of my work ethic, attention to detail and sales closing skills. I started training for triathlons two years ago and AJ was the only company I considered because of his attention to details. Chris Lee is my 1st and last Triathlon coach as I prepare for the Sprint Age Group Nationals in Cleveland. In closing, Taking on Challenges, Persevering and Besting Adversity with Great Results are the hallmarks of my life - I look forward to competing at every aspect of every race I participate in, in 2018 and Just Win Baby!

- Lisimba Patilla