AJ Baucco Coaching

Why Choose AJ Baucco Coaching?

Fred Cousin

I have been racing triathlons for three non consecutive years and finally decided to run my first Ironman. I heard great things about AJ and decided to join the team to help me get through this exciting journey.

- Fred Cousin

Sheri Zimmerer Branum

Loved camp. Love your passion and focus. Love your follow through.

- Sheri Zimmerer Branum

Elizabeth Remillong

I love working with Lesley! I enjoy the structure of having my workouts laid out for me and she is great with giving feedback.

- Elizabeth Remillong

jim Phillips

hoping to improve!

- jim Phillips


For the great service, knowledge and experience... and for Coach Rob :)

- Vincent "Vinny" Salcido

Hunter Robinson

AJ Is the 3rd coach I have had. The previous two were successful coaches that had done wonders for others. But they did nothing for me. To them, I felt like just another check in the bank. With AJ, I can text him anytime day or night with a question. Today alone, he spent the entire day texting me about nutrition. If work gets insane, as it often does, he works with me to figure out how to squeeze the most and best training out of what I have to work with. And when I start to slack, I can count on AJ to give me the kick in the pants to get me rolling again. One of AJ's key to triathlon success is consistency, and that is one thing you get from his coaching. Day in and day out, he is there providing the coaching, advice, and push you need to get you 10 steps past the goal that you had set.

- Hunter Robinson

Christy Weikert

Because anything worth doing is worth doing right. I work best when I have a plan, so I need a man with a plan to help me do the things I want to do!

- Christy Weikert

Jeff Uzl

September 10, 2012 I hit enter on my computer confirming my entry into Ironman, WI. Now what? Fortunately, I crossed paths with professional triathlete A.J. Baucco. He put together a training plan that helped me cross the finish line at some big races in 2013 that included American Triple T, Double Musselman Triathlon, and Ironman Wisconsin. A.J.'s plan addressed my training needs while balancing work and family requirements. His prerace and race day plans put you at the starting line with confidence that you will be performing at a high level and attaining your race day goals.

- Jeff Uzl