AJ Baucco Coaching

Why Choose AJ Baucco Coaching?

Jamie Chapoteau

Because there is a method to AJ's madness and it works. Seriously. He's also an awesome dude and this is a really awesome team to be on. Love the style of coaching and love the good people who are a part of AJBC who encourage each other so much.

- Jamie Chapoteau

Brady Thomas

I felt like it was time to change things up and AJ knows, in a very real world way, what it takes to be fast.

- Brady Thomas

Laura Beck

Experience and expertise!

- Laura Beck

Ryan Alexander

As I am embarking on a new journey I feel that it is time to invest in myself as an athlete. I chose A.J cause I trust and believe in him as an athlete as well as seen how he interacts with his athletes as a coach. I have had other coaches in the past that look at you as a pay check or a way to promote there business. I feel that this team looks at you as an individual and wants to help you succeed and see you progress in a difficult sport.

- Ryan Alexander

Katie Mitchell

I've had a lot of coaches throughout my athletic career and AJ embodies some of the best qualities in coaching - namely he's so communicative, supportive, and also unafraid to challenge you. I work as a policy strategist/lobbyist for Visa, Inc. my work schedule is extremely demanding and fluid, and yet I feel like I'm able to manage training alongside work in large part because of AJ. He has so much knowledge about each discipline, nutrition, racing, etc. and I'm really excited to work with him!

- Katie Mitchell

Stephanie Liles-Weyant

I started out as a Baucco Squad member and I got to see firsthand what great coaches AJB Coaching had at the Florida Tri Camp. I knew that I wanted to be coached by A.J. Baucco. It's been a great experience and A.J. has help me succeed in all my races, including helping me qualify for World Championship 70.3. And as a coach myself, I wanted to join this great group of AJB Coaching. If you want to meet your goals, I'd recommend being coached by myself or one of the wonderful coaches we have at AJB Coaching!

- Stephanie Liles-Weyant

Melissa Spaid Decker

Tim Delss has been highly recommended by fellow athletes I train with and is always friendly and helpful.

- Melissa Spaid Decker

Ruth Kohl

I've know Tim Delss for sometime and have wanted to train with him.

- Ruth Kohl