AJ Baucco Coaching

Why Choose AJ Baucco Coaching?

Wendy Robinson

Highly recommended by many members of the MMTC

- Wendy Robinson

Charles Allen

Cam Dye is a great friend and an incredible coach!

- Charles Allen

Brent Levin

Cam Dye!

- Brent Levin

Amy Bade

I train and love it but also have a life. My summers involve frequent travel..ie bike and hiking trips. My coach structures my weeks around my trips, so I can enjoy the summer and not feel like I am "only training". I am completing my 6th Ironman next week and competed in the 70.3 Worlds last month in Chattanooga. I am 61 years young.

- Amy Bade

Michael Shipp

Ryan was one of my coaches at the 2015 Team RWB triathlon camp. Following the camp, Ryan and I stayed in contact as he helped me through my training. Once I made a decision to do a 70.3, I knew a coach would be helpful...which is why I chose Ryan.

- Michael Shipp

Lindsay Griffler

With IMMD being my first full, I want as much race-specific knowledge as possible in order to facilitate my success.

- Lindsay Griffler

Cyndy Stockdale

My faith in your staff is 110 percent and i see major success and an awesome journey ahead! !

- Cyndy Stockdale

Chris Clymer

Been doing tri's about 3 years now, generally just surviving each race and moving up in distance. Caught up to me in Chatt, ready for a little more discipline and planning. AJ and Rob both seem to get where I'm coming from goal-wise.

- Chris Clymer