AJ Baucco Coaching

Why Choose AJ Baucco Coaching?

Genevieve Garris

Getting back into racing, I wanted to rebuild my base properly to smash my PR's and the expertise of the Baucco squad coaches is clear.

- Genevieve Garris

Don Asher

I met AJ in 2009 and I have followed his growth as a professional triathlete ever sense. I have great respect for AJ and his work ethics and dedication towards his own growth as an athlete. I figured he would coach his athletes the same way, with dedication and great concern for results. Over the last 2 season I have won more AG honors than in the past 14 year due to AJs coaching, he is magical!

- Don Asher

Mark Fraser

I have been in the sport for about ten years now and have gotten to know some of the insiders who organize events and have started working for them. In doing so I have gotten to know a few Pro’s via my travels. I was looking for a new coach and heard that Nathan Killam did coaching. Nathan is now my coach and I look forward to the year ahead working with him and AJB coaching.

- Mark Fraser

Lindsay Griffler

With IMMD being my first full, I want as much race-specific knowledge as possible in order to facilitate my success.

- Lindsay Griffler

Greg Soutiea

I need some guidance on my strength program to help increase my speed and endurance for ultra events.

- Greg Soutiea

Donna Adams

I needed someone to push me and help me find the inner confidence that has been lacking. Since joining AJB Coaching, I have seen continuous improvement and have been fortunate enough to get stronger and faster through hard work, dedication, and GREAT COACHING!!

- Donna Adams

William Hook

Speaking with friends, the coaching staff cares!!! They want to see you succeed!!! I like the closeness and family like relationships that I have seen. I will update as I experience my journey!!!

- William Hook

Fred Cousin

I have been racing triathlons for three non consecutive years and finally decided to run my first Ironman. I heard great things about AJ and decided to join the team to help me get through this exciting journey.

- Fred Cousin