AJ Baucco Coaching

Why Choose AJ Baucco Coaching?

Daniel Cummings

I found the ethos of AJB Coaching and my goals align perfectly. Basically I really am looking to improve on a personal level but measured through racing as I enjoy the competitiveness I have with myself!!! Their holistic, calculated approach is what I am looking for – I want to train, utilize the tools & techniques and analyze metrics the same way a pro would, but for personal gains on an amateur level.

- Daniel Cummings

Brad Boggs

I love working with AJ to get the best out of myself!

- Brad Boggs

Marty Traky

I've seen too much improvement over the last few years and want it to continue. Plus having the encouragement and guidance to push myself is something is extremely beneficial.

- Marty Traky

jim Phillips

hoping to improve!

- jim Phillips

Donna Adams

I needed someone to push me and help me find the inner confidence that has been lacking. Since joining AJB Coaching, I have seen continuous improvement and have been fortunate enough to get stronger and faster through hard work, dedication, and GREAT COACHING!!

- Donna Adams

Phil Russell

An easy decision. They are simply the best at what they do.

- Phil Russell

Genevieve Garris

Getting back into racing, I wanted to rebuild my base properly to smash my PR's and the expertise of the Baucco squad coaches is clear.

- Genevieve Garris

Paul Wills

AJB coaching for his great group of coaches, athletes, and experience. I really need a structured workout and guidance. I have spent to much time winging workouts with no structure! AJB will solve this and create less race day fails I have experienced lately!

- Paul Wills