AJ Baucco Coaching

Why Choose AJ Baucco Coaching?

Hunter Robinson

AJ Is the 3rd coach I have had. The previous two were successful coaches that had done wonders for others. But they did nothing for me. To them, I felt like just another check in the bank. With AJ, I can text him anytime day or night with a question. Today alone, he spent the entire day texting me about nutrition. If work gets insane, as it often does, he works with me to figure out how to squeeze the most and best training out of what I have to work with. And when I start to slack, I can count on AJ to give me the kick in the pants to get me rolling again. One of AJ's key to triathlon success is consistency, and that is one thing you get from his coaching. Day in and day out, he is there providing the coaching, advice, and push you need to get you 10 steps past the goal that you had set.

- Hunter Robinson

Sarah Keesler

I really needed some training structure and accountability to keep me moving on the right track! AJ has been great in working with my specific training needs and I really like his training plans!

- Sarah Keesler

Brendan Barton

I've known Aj for nearly 15 years and have watched his progression through the sport of triathlon. I've had a couple year hiatus from triathlon and my last big race was Ironman Lake Placid 2008. I decide to throw my hat back in the ring and jump back on the boat. Signed up for Ironman Lake Placid 2014. When Aj offered to coach me it seemed like a natural fit. This will be my first time working with coach and have a lot of confidence in his coaching ability. I'm excited for 2014 and looking forward to seeing some solid results.

- Brendan Barton

Mark Fraser

I have been in the sport for about ten years now and have gotten to know some of the insiders who organize events and have started working for them. In doing so I have gotten to know a few Pro’s via my travels. I was looking for a new coach and heard that Nathan Killam did coaching. Nathan is now my coach and I look forward to the year ahead working with him and AJB coaching.

- Mark Fraser

Christopher Gregg

Simple: I trust AJ & Ryan implicitly. I've seen how they prepare themselves first hand and I have complete faith that they will apply that same level of attention to detail in guiding me in my own preparations and training.

- Christopher Gregg

Roseanne Deucher

Need training schedule that allows flexibility with my schedule. Nutritional info would be beneficial.

- Roseanne Deucher

Katie Mitchell

I've had a lot of coaches throughout my athletic career and AJ embodies some of the best qualities in coaching - namely he's so communicative, supportive, and also unafraid to challenge you. I work as a policy strategist/lobbyist for Visa, Inc. my work schedule is extremely demanding and fluid, and yet I feel like I'm able to manage training alongside work in large part because of AJ. He has so much knowledge about each discipline, nutrition, racing, etc. and I'm really excited to work with him!

- Katie Mitchell

Brent Levin

Cam Dye!

- Brent Levin